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Cholesterol Aid Plus is the ONLY supplement expertly formulated with Compound P3 and is 100% GUARANTEED to Dramatically LOWER your Bad Cholesterol in 30 days…

Add CHOLESTEROL AID PLUS to your daily regimen. Cholesterol Aid Plus works with  your body to lower BAD cholesterol with the tri-compound formula P3.

Our Guarantee

DRAMATICALLY lower your cholesterol levels in just 30 days. If you do not see a dramatic and significant drop in your LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, simply let us know and we will issue you a complete and immediate refund.

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I’m Dr. John Godinsky.  I tell all my patients “Cholesterol Aid Plus is the BEST and EASIEST way to BEAT High cholesterol without a prescription and without negative side effects.”

Testimonial Dr. John Godinsky, MD
Dr. John Godinsky, MD
North America's ``Top Doc``
About cholesterol
What Is Cholesterol?

The liver produces cholesterol as a waxy, fat-like substance to help the body function properly. Cholesterol also enters our blood system when we eat foods from animal sources, including meat, dairy products, and eggs. There are two types of cholesterol, called LDL (low-density lipoprotein) and HDL (high-density lipoprotein). LDL is often called "bad cholesterol" because it can build up on the walls of our arteries (major blood vessels) and cause a blockage, known as plaque build-up. HDL is also called "good cholesterol," because it helps carry LDL away from the walls of our arteries.

When Should I Start Taking Cholesterol Aid Plus?

Start managing your cholesterol today. Cholesterol Aid Plus is available without a prescription, is a natural supplement that is safe and easy to take on a daily basis, and you can find it at a retail outlet or order it directly from your home online or by phone. It is affordable and carries no risk of side effects, compared to prescription statins and other less-accessible solutions.


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