Search-360 GPS Tracker

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Search-360 GPS Tracker

$149.95 plus shipping of $10 plus applicable sales tax

Blue –
Price: $159.95

What Comes With Your Purchase of the Search-360 GPS Tracker

  1.  Your Search-360 GPS Tracker with rechargeable battery.
  2. Watch strap and snap-in watch holder.
  3. Lanyard for wearing around the neck.
  4. SIM card customized for Canadian wireless networks.
  5. Charging unit and cable
  6. Detailed instruction manual.

This Digital Solution Will Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

The Search-360 GPS tracker It is the smallest GPS tracker & SOS communicator in the world with high acoustic fidelity & high sensitivity pickup GPS chip. The Search-360 positions faster with higher accuracy and lower power consumption.

The Search-360 GPS Tracker & SOS communicator…GPS+SOS =Most Effective Emergency System


Super Mini GPS tracker

  • Small size:  4*3.4*1.5cm
  • Lightweight: easy to carry around
  • Weighs only 27 grams

Rapid & Accurate Location Positioning

  • GPS chip: GPS SiRf Star IV
  • Positioning accuracy: 5-15meter (open sky)

Click to Call

  • A must for quick response in emergencies
  • The device support calls to emergency contacts only.
  • Avoids misdialing and random calls
  • One click will start instant communication!  In emergencies simplicity is paramount…just press any button and instantly reach up to 5 different emergency contact numbers.

Click for Help
Unique functions for quick response in emergencies.
Pressing the larger button “S” on the communicator will trigger an automatic notification of the current location of your loved one to the five emergency contact numbers.
and five calls to the numbers until one of the calls is answered.

Powerful Tracking Platform to Quickly Locate Your Loved One

  • Pin-Point Tracking via the internet utilizing a simple to use website, APP, SMS
  • Multiple tracking methodologies insure consistent and accurate contact.

Excellent Standby Time

  • Up to 300 hours of GSM standby time, that’s about 12 days!
  • 50 hours with each 10 min of uploaded data.  One time.

Low power Alert

  • When the battery is charged less than 10%, it will send SMS notifications to emergency contacts.
  • 10% of the battery can support about 2 hours of standby time and around five minutes of talk time.

Theft Prevention
If the SIM card is changed the Search-360 will send a message to the emergency contacts ie. Alert: Your SIM card has been changed.

Blue –
Price: $159.95

The “Search-360 GPS Tracker” makes it easy to set up an “invisible electronic perimeter fence”. By simply going to your cell phone or computer, you can “draw boundary lines on the online map”, and if the wearer crosses those lines – an alarm will sound and you will be notified. It is an easy way to make sure your loved one is safe and is where he or she is supposed to be… And if the alarm sounds, making contact is as simple as pressing a button!


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