Sol K, Parry Sound

I am 83, and mostly in good health, I can’t complain except for my knees. They give me much pain. I won’t rant and rave about “Joint Aid Plus™” it would sound so phony so please – let me say it like I think I should. Since taking “Joint Aid Plus™” my knees feel good.

Sol K Parry Sound February 26, 2015

Sal V., Montreal

Dear Customer Service.    I can hardly believe how much better I am feeling since I have been taking Joint Aid Plus™.  It makes me so happy and thank you for a truly wonderful product.

Sal V. Montreal February 26, 2015

Susan R., Red Deer

Dear Sir or Madame,    I have been using your product for almost two years and I just had to let you know what incredible results I have enjoyed.

Susan R. Red Deer February 26, 2015

Mr. L.L. G., Thunder Bay

I have had swelled stiff bone on bone grinding paid from knees and ligaments for years. I could hardly get out of bed. I took the Joint Aid Plus™ program and after the first ten days my pain was gone. (it was a blessing)  I am now on my third bottle. Thank the Lord that I found out about Joint Aid Plus™.

Mr. L.L. G. Thunder Bay February 26, 2015

Mel H., Regina

Gentlemen, What a birthday present this is. I have been with arthritis for 10 years. My back and legs are affected with it. I tried Joint Aid Plus™ 3 weeks ago and OBOY !!! my pain is all gone.

Mel H. Regina February 26, 2015

Judy A. K. Toronto

I wanted to tell you how thankful I am for the Joint Aid Plus™, it is really helping. Last night was my forth night since I started taking it and for the first time in five years I slept almost all night without pain.

Judy A. K. Toronto February 26, 2015

Mrs. EC age 71, Saskatoon

Dear People, No more pain from Arthritis. It is unbelievable but from the very first day I started taking it, I noticed a difference. It is working!

Mrs. EC age 71 Saskatoon February 26, 2015

Steven and Sue, Ottawa, Canada

As grandparents to three wonderful grandchildren – we take our health VERY seriously. So when we both found out that our (bad) cholesterol levels were high – we took IMMEDIATE action. The ALL NATURAL P3® Formula, the VERY LOW COST, the EASE of ordering (no doctor and pharmacy visits), the 100% Guarantee, and the success others have had, convinced us it was the RIGHT CHOICE. After 30 days of Cholesterol Aid Plus – our bad cholesterol levels dropped to NORMAL and SAFE levels. We’re now able to safeguard our heart health – not just for us… but also for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Steven and Sue Ottawa, Canada February 21, 2015

Barry L. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I don’t like to take pills but my doctor said I had to do something about my cholesterol level.  The side effects of statins scared me so I decided to take your all natural product. I was convinced when I read that it did not have the negative side effects of statins. I have been taking the pills for a little over 6 weeks and so far they have done the trick.  My bad cholesterol has dropped and my ratio of good to bad has improved. My doctor is pleased … and so am I…..

Barry L. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan February 21, 2015

Jonathan L. Red Deer, Alberta

I have been taking Lipitor for years but after the first month of taking your wonderful product my LDL count dropped almost 10%.  I will take it for a couple more months and get another blood test. I expect the LDL level to be even better………

Jonathan L. Red Deer, Alberta February 21, 2015

The International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

Reported that the results of a double blind, placebo controlled study of both men and women that policosanol was Better at Raising HDL (Good) cholesterol levels … Better at Lowering total Cholesterol … Better at improving LDL/HDL ratios … Better at cutting triglycerides.

The International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology February 21, 2015

Life Extension Magazine Reports

Policosanol lowered LDL cholesterol 20% in 6 to 12 weeks … Total cholesterol was reduced 15% … and HDL increased 7% – 28%

Life Extension Magazine Reports February 21, 2015

Harvard Heart Letter Reports

This mixture called policosanol seems to act like a combination of cholesterol lowering statins and aspirin … lowered LDL levels by 20% – 30%. It also increased HDL levels by 10% – 20%.  It may keep LDL from oxidation and so block early step toward cholesterol clogged arteries as well as seems to make platelets less sticky and thus less likely to clump and form clots in the bloodstream

Harvard Heart Letter Reports February 21, 2015


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