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Laser Vision

Thanks to LASIK eye surgery and other corrective treatments for vision, it's now possible to reverse the effects of many common eye diseases in people of various ages.

What Are The Most Common Eye Diseases?

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Many eye diseases lead to problems with vision, such as infections of the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis) and cornea (as in the case of clouded corneas). Conjunctivitis can be caused by bacteria as well as allergic reactions or exposure to chemicals. If the cornea itself is damaged by disease or injury, this can permanently alter it's shape, which will affect how light is focused and thus affect vision, and may require replacement in the most severe cases.

Glaucoma is another common eye disease, which is caused by an increase in pressure inside the eye and can lead to permanent vision loss. Other eye diseases can lead to more widespread health problems, such as skin cancer occurring on the eyelids, most commonly as a result of sun exposure.

Age Related Eye Disorders

The natural ageing process is a cause of various eye disorders, but in many cases these can also be treated with laser eye surgery and other corrective treatments. Cataracts are a common development in older people, as a consequence of the lens becoming cloudy, while age-related macular degeneration can be a more serious condition. Young children can also suffer from a number of eye problems that require early correction, such as lazy eye.

Laser Eye Surgery

Should you find that you are having issues with your eyes and require immediate attention, it is recommended that you have regular eye tests with your local optometrist in order to ensure their wellbeing.

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