Remedies that always provide a “PLUS”

Cambridge Laboratories is one of the fastest growing natural supplement manufacturers in Canada. We only manufacture extremely high quality natural remedies that always provide a “PLUS” for our customers. If we can’t make it better, we won’t make it at all! We’re so confident that you’ll find complete satisfaction… We’re standing behind our products with a 30-Day, “No Questions Asked,” Money-Back Guarantee!

“Joint Aid Plus is the Cadillac of joint pain remedies! The reason is simple, it is the best product on the market because it works! Joint Aid Plus is a complex micronutrient formulation that has 10 different ingredients, three of which help insure the most effective absorption of the active pain relieving ingredients. It doesn’t matter what traditionally effective ingredients are in a remedy if your body cannot properly absorb them. Joint Aid Plus not only has the very best medicine for the development and maintenance of joints, cartilage and bones, it also has the very best ingredients to facilitate the absorption and function of that medicine!” Joint Aid Plus has been a leader in joint pain remedies for over 12 years and has thousands of pain-free customers across Canada!


Cambridge Laboratories has combined 10 powerful natural supplements to create Joint Aid Plus™.


The way to better health begins using Digestion Aid Plus to cleanse your body and eliminate harmful toxins that cause inflammation, irritation, constipation, gas and bloating.

The Cellular Repair Infuser super hydrogenates regular drinking water and increases the pH from around a 7 to approximately 9.5. The increased level of hydrogen serves as an effective antioxidant and protects the body from free radicals.

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