Susan Watterson, Montreal QC

Today I’m feeling like a “Real Woman” again. Great device. Hope this improvement continues.

Susan Watterson Montreal QC February 20, 2021

Brenda McInnis, Sheet Harbour NS

I have been taking Digestion Aid Plus off and on for over 3 years. The results were terrific. So well in fact that I told my sister Dawna Constable who lives on P.E.I. and she started taking Digestion Aid Plus as well with the same great results. I was actually going to place another order just to have it on hand when needed.

Brenda McInnis Sheet Harbour NS February 20, 2021

Susan Deveau, Truro NS

Before Joint Aid Plus, my knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and hands ached. I became less active. My quality of life has improved exponentially with Joint Aid Plus. I would encourage anyone with arthritic pain to try it for themselves.

Susan Deveau Truro NS February 20, 2021

Mike P, Richmond BC

I am 68 years old. I have been taking Joint Aid Plus for about 3-4 years. I found it effective when I tried the first bottle, and since then I keep on taking it everyday. The reason I tried Joint Aid Plus was that I felt frail and infirm on my kneecap when I walked. After taking Joint Aid Plus, I walk with strength and confidence. I go hiking 3-4 hours without any problem. I gave several bottles to my friends to try and they all have improved their physical ability and they keep ordering by themselves. We all increase our outdoor activities like hiking and vacationing. I’m satisfied with Joint Aid Plus and it has become my daily supplement. Thanks!

Mike P Richmond BC February 20, 2021

Ewa Krempa, Edmonton AB

Joint Aid Plus is good and it works great for me. Thank you!

Ewa Krempa Edmonton AB February 20, 2021

Isabelle Michaus, Calgary AL

I’ve been taking Digestion Aid Plus everyday with almost every meal and it has helped greatly in keeping me regular. I’ve been dealing with severe constipation and bloating my whole life. Digestion Aid Plus has really helped ease my digestion flow and bowel movement. I sometimes take an extra capsule when I eat problem foods like cheese or bread. Having Digestion Aid Plus has definitely increased my quality of life.

Isabelle Michaus Calgary AL February 20, 2021

John Lown, Apsley ON

Well water tastes even better after using the Cellular Repair Infuser

John Lown Apsley ON February 20, 2021

John Lown, Apsley ON

Joint Aid Plus eased my back pain.

John Lown Apsley ON February 20, 2021

Sharon Ward, Hamilton ON

Yes, I am a faithful user of Joint Aid Plus, and it does give me some relief from swelling and pain in my fingers.  I have Osteoarthritis and it is hereditary and there is no cure, but the combination of important nutrients, minerals and natural compounds found in Joint Aid Plus really helps with the inflammation and pain associated with the disease.

Sharon Ward Hamilton ON February 20, 2021

Brenda and Rob Hartman, Calgary Alberta

Since my stomach problems cleared up, my energy levels have soared!

Brenda and Rob Hartman Calgary Alberta February 26, 2015

Jerry Bartlett, Toronto, Ontario

I suffered with gas for 16 years. Just 7 days with Digestion Aid Plus… I’m fine!

Jerry Bartlett Toronto, Ontario February 26, 2015

Steven Carpenter, Windsor, Ontario

No more constipation! Digestion Aid Plus did the trick! I’m regular as clockwork!

Steven Carpenter Windsor, Ontario February 26, 2015

Susan Fisk, Winnipeg, Manitoba

My bloating and stomach pain is a thing of the past, thanks to Digestion Aid Plus.

Susan Fisk Winnipeg, Manitoba February 26, 2015

Joseph W., Winnipeg

I have had mild pain in my shoulder and elbow from old sports injuries for many years. The pain was not too bad so I just lived with it.  Last month I discovered your product. In less than a week the pain was gone. I wondered what took me so long.  I may be a slow learner but I will keep Joint Aid Plus™ in my medicine cabinet all the time now.

Joseph W. Winnipeg February 26, 2015

John M., Cambridge

Dear Joint Aid,    My neighbor has been telling me to use your pills for my shoulder pain for many years. I ignored him. He is kind of a pushy sort. Finally he got to me and I tried the pills. I was quite amazed because they worked. My pain is gone and I can go bow hunting again without pain. My neighbor still is a pain. But thank you for your pills.

John M. Cambridge February 26, 2015

Alfredo S., Toronto

Dear Sirs,   I am Italian. I use your pills for my pain and now I feel good. I want to give you my opinion about your product. Thanks.

Alfredo S. Toronto February 26, 2015

Mary Lou C, Newmarket

My family and friends say I am a different person. I can do some things I haven’t been able to do in years. I have a new lease on life and I am going to enjoy the rest of my life.

Mary Lou C Newmarket February 26, 2015

Mr. Richard Fenn, Smith Falls

I never thought I would move my right shoulder with ease again – be able to golf or photo shoot again but with Joint Aid Plus™ I am back on track again. Thank You.

Mr. Richard Fenn Smith Falls February 26, 2015

Mrs. S G., Victoria

To Whom it May Concern,  Last month in desperation at watching me suffer, my husband bought me a bottle of your Joint Aid Plus™. I wasn’t able to walk outside our house. I crawled from chair to table except when I used a walker.  I started the Joint Aid Plus™ and noticed by the 4th day I wasn’t as stiff. By the 10th day I was walking with a cane. Thank you very much for your wonderful pills.

Mrs. S G. Victoria February 26, 2015

Mark H, St. John

Dear Cambridge Laboratories, This product changed my life!

Mark H St. John February 26, 2015


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