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Essential Fatty Acids and Acne

Essential fatty acids, otherwise known as alpha linoleic acid(LNA), omega 6, flaxseed oil, fish oil and evening primrose oil, is used by the skin's sebaceous glands for the production of sebum. Having anti-inflammatory and calming actions on the skin, as well as balancing the hormones, essential fatty acids are a must in the diet of anyone who suffers with acne or other skin problems. Although pimples and cysts have been around forever, they still aren't socially acceptable and are often incorrectly seen as a sign of un-cleanliness.

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The hormones that rage out of control during puberty are called androgens, and they cause excess sebum production, which in turn clogs the skin's pores. To ensure you have a sufficient intake of essential fatty acids, you need to take Omega's3, 6 and 9: Omega 6 is required in higher quantities than omega 3 and omega 9. If you are lacking in any of the three essential fatty acids you will be likely to suffer from many symptoms, including poor skin in general, cysts and skin eruptions, increased sebaceous gland size and a weakened immune system overall.

While saturated fats irritate sebaceous glands, essential fatty acids calm and reduce inflammation. Picture two holes in the ground and into one you pour a big bucket of thick tar, and the other you fill with water. Imagine walking away for an hour, then returning to see how they look: of course the water has filtered away through the earth, whereas the tar is still sitting heavily in the hole, solidifying and attracting other dirt and gunk to stick to it. The water represents essential fatty acids, flowing cleanly and naturally through the pores of your skin, and the tar is the bad fats, clogging pores, catching dirt, irritating skin and having a high melting point, becomes hardened. It is all the bad fats from food consumed and stimulated by hormone imbalances that cause the acne, blackheads, whiteheads and some rashes in the first place, but unlike the tar in the hole, essential fatty acids can be replaced and the problem resolved.

The trouble for many people is feeling overwhelmed by all the products and advertising about having the daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, fiber, water, protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids. If your problem is acne, start with the basics forget the rest for now: Do your best to maintain a healthy diet, have your Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 foods or supplements daily and before long you will see noticeable differences in your skin.

Omega 3: Most commonly found and taken in the form of olive oil, and people who choose this oil for their salad dressings and cooking are already steps ahead. Other foods you can source omega 3 from include sesame seeds, walnuts, avocados, kale, spinach, wheat germ oil, salmon, sardines and mustard greens. Alternatively and more simply, taking four tablespoons of flaxseed oil a day will be sufficient omega three essential fatty acids for your diet and it can be added to your smoothies, juice, cereal, soup, or just about anything liquid you like.

Omega 6: Many people do already have a sufficient intake of omega 6 in their diet because they consume olive oil regularly. When purchasing olive oil, always choose a brand that offers extra virgin oil that has been first cold pressed if you are planning to cook with it. Other sources of Omega 6 include pistachio nuts, sunflower seeds, olives, flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, pumpkin seeds and grape seed oil. Two to three tablespoons per day of an oil rich in omega 6 is sufficient to cover your dietary requirements, and a great idea is to mix flaxseed and olive oil together to make a salad dressing each day.

One and a half to two tablespoons of olive oil per day will provide adequate omega 9 for your body as well, so you can cover your three essential fatty acid bases with four tablespoons of flaxseed oil and three tablespoons of olive oil daily. Aside from olive oil, omega 9 can be acquired through eating cashews, almonds, avocados, olives, sesame oil, pecans and pistachio nuts.

Having these essential fatty acids will start to improve your skins appearance in a week or two, and in months you will have a lovely fresh glow and shine that everyone admires. There are other benefits to including essential fatty acids in your diet such as mood elevation, heart health, improved immune function, stress relief, hormone production and control, improved brain function and they are a digestive aid, mucilage and calmative.

Contrary to prior beliefs, all these products and oils should be stored in the refrigerator to prevent them from going rancid: They can start to go bad long before our human nose can detect it, and cold storage is the only way to protect delicate and beneficial molecules.You can find many recipes for salad dressings with flaxseed and olive oil, but many people simply add the two with lemon, balsamic vinegar, some crushed garlic and some herbs like coriander, basil and parsley. Sesame seeds and flaxseeds are also great on salads as well as sliced or cubed avocado.

Essential fatty acids like flaxseed oil are often available in capsule form if you want something fast and easy, and taking the recommended dosage mentioned above can solve your issues with acne once and for all. Added aids to the solution will include a healthy diet, two liters of water a day, exercise and washing your skin twice a day. If you are doing all these things for a few months and your acne is stubbornly persisting it would be a good idea or you to visit a dermatologist for extra advice and possibly some form of specialized treatment.

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