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Obnoxious Conversations with a WIC Nutritionist

I signed up for WIC this morning at 8am so we could get some help with our expensive groceries. Most E5s and below qualify for WIC in Hawaii because the cost of living is so high. They even put me down as lactose intolerant so I could get lactose-free milk instead of regular milk, which means I can drink a lot more milk now than before, because regular milk really hurts my stomach, but lactaid costs $5 for 1/2 gallon.

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I had to talk to a nutritionist about my eating habits in order to get the food checks. Here are two snippets of conversation:

Lady: It says here you don't eat fish. Is that because you are afraid of the mercury levels or do you not like the taste of fish?
Me: No, I like the taste of fish, but while I have been pregnant, it has made me vomit when I eat it.
Lady: Oh! That's a good reason not to eat fish.

Lady: *with attitude* Do you think you gained too much weight while pregnant?
Me: No.
Lady: *in a tone that denotes she assumes I am going to be extremely overweight* Alright, let's see. We'll put these numbers in the computer. You started at 134, today you weighed 165..... oh. Well, it appears that you are right on track.
Me: *in my head* Yeah, suck on that, bitch!

That last one was probably uncalled for, because she was otherwise overweight, but you can clearly tell that I did not gain too much weight from the way I look, unless you think I started at 100 lbs. *eyeroll*

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The WIC nutritionist wasn't the only one being obnoxious today:

Clifton: I am going to fart on you.
Me: Noooooo. Why would you do that?
Clifton: I am going to do it. You can't stop me.
Me: Stop it. I am busy. Don't do that.
Clifton: Well, I'll guess I'll fart over here. *flatulence* Can you smell it?
Me: Why are you picking on me? *baby kicks hard* Mehhhhhhhh.
Clifton: Aw, you're getting picked on from both ends. I'm sorry. Do you need anything?
Me: No, I want you to stop annoying me. Why are you being mean?
Clifton: I'm sorry. I just wanted to hear you saying, "Noooooooo."
Me: *I can't help but laugh at Clifton's imitation of me, which reminds me of a sleepy, female Darth Vader.

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