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Common Techniques in Rhinoplasty Performed in Beverly Hills & Lancaster

Two common techniques in Rhinoplasty are the Closed and Open Surgical Procedures

1. Closed Surgery_No Scarring

Closed Rhinoplasty offers all of the benefits of the traditional Rhinoplasty but without the scarring. No scarring is noted by making a small incision inside of the nose to perform the Rhinoplasty. This is the procedure most commonly used by Dr. Thomas at our Beverly Hills and Lancaster locations.

2. Open Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty on the other hand, may be used on occasions when it is necessary to have more visible working space to complete the Rhinoplasty procedure. The incision in this case would be made across the Columella (the tissue that separates the nostrils). Small scarring is left as a result of Open Rhinoplasty. (Due to the amount of extra scarring and Dr. Thomas' surgical skill he does not perform this technique. Dr. Thomas performs the closed technique.)

Nose reshaping options are available for anyone seeking to improve their appearance. Consulting with a an American Board of Plastic Surgery, certified plastic surgeon is vital in determining the best possible short term and long term goals for your self image.

When you come across more confident you will attract the type of reactions and interactions you want from your counterparts and you will be able to focus at the job at hand and not yourself.

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