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How to prevent head lice

Why does it seem easier for adults than kids to prevent head lice?

It's frustrating - isn't it? The kids just keep on coming home from school with lice . yet adults seem to prevent head lice without trying. What's their secret?

Head lice love clean fluffy hair that isn't oily or full of hair products or generally dirty. Hair that's clean like this makes it easy to glue those eggs onto the hair shaftso they will breed more successfully.

Us adults tend to use gels, mouse, hair spray etc on our hair to achieve the style we want. This doesn't make our hair a nice place to set up home for a head louse . In addition, we adults are less likely to share hats or snuggle our heads against pillows or toys where a person infested with head lice may have been before us. All these behaviours help adults to prevent head lice .

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What can we learn from this about how to prevent head lice for children?

  • You can help to prevent head lice on your child's head by tying back long hair as much as possible and using styling products on it. This will avoid stray hairs giving a route for lice to move from one head to another as well as making your child's scalp less inviting for head lice to set up home.
  • Whilst it is important for your kids to learn to share, part of what they need to learn is to share appropriately. Sharing hats, hair brushes and towels should always be avoided in the effort to avoid cross contamination of head lice .
  • Using a head louse repellant and treating outbreaks promptly are all part of the effort to prevent head lice .

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