I have had mild pain in my shoulder and elbow from old sports injuries for many years. The pain was not too bad so I just lived with it.  Last month I discovered your product. In less than a week the pain was gone. I wondered what took me so long.  I may be a slow learner but I will keep Joint Aid Plus™ in my medicine cabinet all the time now.

Joseph W. Winnipeg February 26, 2015

Dear Joint Aid,    My neighbor has been telling me to use your pills for my shoulder pain for many years. I ignored him. He is kind of a pushy sort. Finally he got to me and I tried the pills. I was quite amazed because they worked. My pain is gone and I can go bow hunting again without pain. My neighbor still is a pain. But thank you for your pills.

John M. Cambridge February 26, 2015

Dear Sirs,   I am Italian. I use your pills for my pain and now I feel good. I want to give you my opinion about your product. Thanks.

Alfredo S. Toronto February 26, 2015

My family and friends say I am a different person. I can do some things I haven’t been able to do in years. I have a new lease on life and I am going to enjoy the rest of my life.

Mary Lou C Newmarket February 26, 2015

I never thought I would move my right shoulder with ease again – be able to golf or photo shoot again but with Joint Aid Plus™ I am back on track again. Thank You.

Mr. Richard Fenn Smith Falls February 26, 2015

To Whom it May Concern,  Last month in desperation at watching me suffer, my husband bought me a bottle of your Joint Aid Plus™. I wasn’t able to walk outside our house. I crawled from chair to table except when I used a walker.  I started the Joint Aid Plus™ and noticed by the 4th day I wasn’t as stiff. By the 10th day I was walking with a cane. Thank you very much for your wonderful pills.

Mrs. S G. Victoria February 26, 2015

Dear Cambridge Laboratories, This product changed my life!

Mark H St. John February 26, 2015

I am 83, and mostly in good health, I can’t complain except for my knees. They give me much pain. I won’t rant and rave about “Joint Aid Plus™” it would sound so phony so please – let me say it like I think I should. Since taking “Joint Aid Plus™” my knees feel good.

Sol K Parry Sound February 26, 2015

Dear Customer Service.    I can hardly believe how much better I am feeling since I have been taking Joint Aid Plus™.  It makes me so happy and thank you for a truly wonderful product.

Sal V. Montreal February 26, 2015

Dear Sir or Madame,    I have been using your product for almost two years and I just had to let you know what incredible results I have enjoyed.

Susan R. Red Deer February 26, 2015

I have had swelled stiff bone on bone grinding paid from knees and ligaments for years. I could hardly get out of bed. I took the Joint Aid Plus™ program and after the first ten days my pain was gone. (it was a blessing)  I am now on my third bottle. Thank the Lord that I found out about Joint Aid Plus™.

Mr. L.L. G. Thunder Bay February 26, 2015

Gentlemen, What a birthday present this is. I have been with arthritis for 10 years. My back and legs are affected with it. I tried Joint Aid Plus™ 3 weeks ago and OBOY !!! my pain is all gone.

Mel H. Regina February 26, 2015

I wanted to tell you how thankful I am for the Joint Aid Plus™, it is really helping. Last night was my forth night since I started taking it and for the first time in five years I slept almost all night without pain.

Judy A. K. Toronto February 26, 2015

Dear People, No more pain from Arthritis. It is unbelievable but from the very first day I started taking it, I noticed a difference. It is working!

Mrs. EC age 71 Saskatoon February 26, 2015


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